ISO 28000

Supply Chain Management System

ISO 28000 Standard

The ISO 28000 standard was developed in response to the need for transport and logistics chains to develop a safety management system that would be easily applicable to supply chains.

The organization must establish, implement and maintain appropriate plans and procedures to identify and respond to incidents and security emergencies and to prevent and mitigate their consequences. Plans and processes must include information on the provision and maintenance of any equipment, structure or service identified as necessary during or after the accident / emergency.

Logistic process

Certification advantages

An audit according to the ISO 28000 standard will examine all the organizations managed or related that have an impact on the security of the supply chain, including the transport of goods among them.

Compliance with the requirements of the standard:

About us

About us

LL-C (Certification) is an international Certification Body with years of experience not only in information security management. We are accredited by ANAB and CAI (Czech Institute of Accreditation) and our certificates are recognized in all Member States.

How to obtain a certificate?

A certification is an independent verification of the effectiveness of the management system. Our expert auditors will analyze the current situation and suggest improvements. The certificate evidences that everything necessary to meet the standard requirements has been done, and above all it helps to increase your competitiveness and protect the name and brand of your company.

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